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Marble Tiles (Installed on concrete)

The Stone refers to any material of natural origin, it is extracted from: quarries and mining operations. Natural stones such as marbles, granites, travertines, slates, quartz, etc. they are products of nature, therefore the presence of veins, variations of color and tone are characteristic of the material.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed in a long geological process and is composed of several elements, the main is calcium carbonate.

This type of rocks present in nature have originated millions of years ago, travertine is formed in freshwater areas, usually in riverbeds. The travertine exporting countries are: Turkey, Italy and Spain. Our travertines are mostly imported from Turkey, we also have Italian travertines and other stones of Spanish and Egyptian origin.

The tile is any stone cut to less than 3/4 “thick: 3/8” – 1/2 “- 5/8” – 3/4 “The travertine tile is designed to be installed on rigid surfaces, such as concrete floors, it is not recommended to be used on irregular / flexible surfaces, such as on sand, because this thickness will not resist loads.

The properties of the travertine are:

* The weight of the tile is approximately: 8 lb / sqf.
* The long geological process makes it a very compact, strong and resistant rock.
* As a result of the chemical processes that occur naturally in the stone, the hollow cavities that characterize it are formed.
* Travertine is resistant to low temperatures and high temperatures, therefore, travertine is an ideal coating for outdoor, because it maintains a comfortable temperature.
* One of the properties of travertine, as well as any natural stone, is that each piece is unique and unrepeatable. The color has variation but always stays in the same palette / color range. What criteria indicate good travertine tile quality?
* The four corners of the tile should be cut at 90 degrees.
* There should be no pores in the filling of the stone, apply for Filled tile.
* The filling should consist of a hard resin that does not splinter; The cement is unacceptable.
* The thickness of the tile should be measured in inches.
* The shipping boxes must be strong wooden pallets suitable for forklifts.

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