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We have unique selection of limestone tiles and pavers in our Miami,Fort Lauderdale and pompano beach.We have different selection from shell stone to Jerusalem

Limestone is known for its soothing silky texture over the centuries. It is used by Pharaohs to build pyramids over 5000 years ago. It is still being used to create amazing architectural marvels now.

This unique stone looks even better when it is quarried close to sea. Shells from water mix with limestone and becomes a shell stone. If you want a stone no one else has,pick this one. No shell stone will look like another,since every piece is unique.

Get ready to answer questions from your visitors about your floors. People will be shocked to see this natural marvel. Of course it requires sealing,since it needs better protection from dirt and stains, because of its light color. As long as you are taking care of it, you will be extremely happy with your floors or walls.

It has been used in outdoor applications around pools or walkways in warmer climates like Miami and Los angles.Get ready to indulge your senses. No other stone would kiss your bear foot like silky limestone.Bathroom design would not be complete without a subway style wall in an upscale neighborhood. Entrance wall or a fireplace made of limestone would be centerpiece of your entire project.

If you like antique look for your project,select tumbled finish. This finish has a unique antiquated appearance. Corners are not perfectly cut. It needs a little more grout line then straight edge limestone.

Brushed finish with straight edges are becoming more common since it has about the same affect on the surface as tumbled , yet it can be installed without big joint. Tumbled and brushed finished are perfect in wet applications since they are non slip at any situation.

Honed finish is pretty much extinct except inside use. Polished is preferred in contemporary design. But not all limestone shine the same. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish polished limestone from honed even to experienced mason.

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