Coral Stone


The Stone refers to any material of natural origin, it is extracted from: quarries and mining operations. Natural stones such as corals are products of nature, therefore the presence of shells, snails, sediments, color and tone variations are characteristic of the material.

It is a material composed of fossils of marine species and minerals that for centuries sought accommodation at the bottom of the sea.

This type of rocks present in nature have originated millions of years ago, the coral is formed in salt water areas, usually on the coasts.

The coral paver is 1 3/4 “. It is designed primarily to be installed on flexible surfaces such as sand but in some cases, if necessary, it can be installed on rigid surfaces as well as a tile.


The characteristics of the paver are:

* The weight of the paver is approximately: 16 lb / sqf.

* As a result of the chemical processes that occur naturally in the stone, the hollow cavities that characterize it are formed.

* Acts as an insulating material on the effects of solar radiation.

* Its appearance is rustic.

* It is tough and durable.

* One of the properties of the coral, as well as any natural stone, is that each piece is unique and unrepeatable. The color has variation but it is always kept in the same palette / range of colors.

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