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Dione White Marble Tile


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The elegance of the Dione White collection can be appreciated in all its splendor in interior design, with a bright glorious polish that reflects and bounces light. The smooth crystalline surface of the Dione White marble sparkles with a glossy and unforgettable luminosity radiating throughout your home. The sleek and refined look will satisfy the highest of design and living standards.

The tiles of the Dione White collection will please the most refined of tastes. White marble dignifies and elevates natural stone to an artistic level. White marble is so luxurious that even the Taj Mahal, one of the eight wonders of the world, is one of the greatest exponents of white marble in luxury interiors.

This Collection is the iconic image of white marble. The polished snow white tiles are of the purest marble available. Extracted from the quarries of Greece, this luxurious marble is a remarkable natural stone for the homeowner who wants high-end results with a high-quality material.

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36×36 Polished

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