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The MGF series combines the most innovative and popular in the market. It combines the beauty and exotic of the onix with the delicacy and elegance of the glass. These available colors are perfect for any space and the two different sizes, subway tile and variety of small rectangles, can be combined with each other and would make a more interesting design.Glass mosaics do not need any type of sealer or special product. Once the mosaic is installed, the grout should be applied at each joint to prevent the mosaic from falling off or having unfilled spaces between the pieces. To clean it, the use of abrasives or strong chemicals is not recommended. You can keep cleaning and brushing the joints to prevent the accumulation of dirt and moisture.We recommend that customers check the technical sheet of the mosaic before making the purchase and make sure that it complies with the necessary requirements to give them the correct use and is a functional and aesthetically special design.

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SMMGF621, SMMGF622, SMMGF623, SMMGF624, SMMGF625, SMMGF626, SMMGF731 -3" X 12", SMMGF732 – 3" X 12", SMMGF733 -3" X 12", SMMGF734 -3" X 12", SMMGF735 -3" X 12", SMMGF736 -3" X 12"

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