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Autumn blend pavers are family of gold travertine pavers with onyx. They are hand picked while on production line. We can not order large quantities of this selection,since production is depended upon the blocks. They are one of the most amazing color blend of all the travertine pavers. They are mostly blend of gold,pink and white. They are recognized from far away as color do not look like anything else. Since colors of travertine are product of metals in the stone, they are more durable then other selections. In warm designs of Miami outdoor living, autumn blend pavers are perfect fit. Mexican or Mediterranean influenced designs use autumn blend pavers to enhance their appearance. We did a lot of Caribbean island homes with this materiel. It adds a new taste to your pool or patio even driveway. Do not hesitate to call us at 7869536544 or write us at contact us page if you need further information about this product or its maintenance.

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FRENCH PATTERN x1 1/4", 6"x12"x1 1/4" Tumbled

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