Veincut Travertine - 12x24x 1/2-HONED

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12x24x 1/2-HONED 12X24-POLISHED


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Veincut Travertine

Have you ever wondered,why some stone tile has veins running through all the way and some do not. That is because, that particular stone is cut parallel to grains at the factory. Vein cut or Italian cut, leaves lines on the surface of the marble or travertine.

This unique look is very famous with travertine, since it has water lines passing inside the stone blocks at the quarry more than any other stone.

Vein cut travertine has become extremely popular lately because of the rise of rectangular tile. Instead of square travertine or marble, designers are specifying rectangular sizes like 12x24 or 16x24. Installing them broken joint or subway style is making a wall or floor more spacious and elegant. This trend lifted vein cut travertine use even further since lines look amazing in this particular design.

If you are covering a wall or a floor which is rectangular, it would be wise to use vein cut stone instead of cross -cut.Since interior designers and architects prefer bigger sizes, large format tiles like 18x36 or 24x48 are being sought after by general contractors and home owners like never before. Do not make a decision about your project before you visit our showroom or website. Rectangular fever does not look like ending anytime soon.

White marble with veins looks magnificent too. Do not settle for regular sizes and cuts of stone before you ask your stone supplier about large travertine or marble tiles in vein cut format. We are more then happy to answer all of your questions, if you call as at +1 786 953 6544   If you like to write us about your project, our email adress is

12x24x 1/2-HONED


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