SILVER PAVER& POOL COPINGS - Pool Coping 12"x24"x1 1/4"

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Pool Coping 12"x24"x1 1/4" FRENCH PATTERN x1 1/4" 6"x12"x1 1/4" TUMBLED Pool Coping 6"x12"x1 1/4"


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Silver paver started to become famous in recent years. Popularity of white and grey colors in contemporary designs made silver travertine goto material as paving stone. It has a touch of white and beige with main grey color. Since it is natural product, variation in the same floor makes every project unique. Like every other natural stone,water makes silver travertine enhanced. If you like the wet look, you can use enhancing sealer. Since silver is pretty protected from dirt,it is preferred in driveway or heavy traffic areas.Silver tarvertine comes 6x12 as perfect driveway paver. It is very durable and dirt resistance. If you like patterns, french pattern is very famous in southern Florida especially in Miami around upscale communities. Pool decks looks amazing with silver travertine. You wont believe the difference how a natural stone addition makes outdoor space unique. Try 16x16 or 24x24 if you are not pattern lover. Bigger decks and backyards looks better with 24x24.Call one of our specialists if you need advice sellecting right size or color at 17869536544

Description - Pool Coping 12"x24"x1 1/4"


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Weight 16.00 lb
Dimensions Pool Coping 12"x24"x1 1/4"
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