Noce Paver & Pool Copings - 6"x12"x1 1/4" TUMBLED

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6"x12"x1 1/4" TUMBLED FRENCH PATTERN 1 1/4" 16"x16"x1 1/4"TUMBLED 6"x12"x1 1/4" CHISELED Pool Coping 6"x12"x1 1/4" Pool Coping 12"x24"x1 1/4"


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Description - Noce Paver & Pool Copings

• Noce French Pattern Paver have minimal holes & Tiny Pores allow water absorbation quickly. • It is non slippery so perfectly know as Decking, patio & Pool Deck Paver. • • It is Tumbled Edge, Honed, Unfilled and Cross – Cut. • Tumbled Noce French Pattern Paver is the most natural finish, resulting in a highly textured finish with no shine. • You can never go wrong with this travertine.It is immune to dirt since it is darker then other travertine pavers. They need very little maintenance if any. If you are a -do it and forget it- guy,this is the paver for you. Kids ,pets or crowded parties are no problem for this unique stone. It goes well with any furniture or curtain. It is Installed on sand since it is thick. Pavers are all 3 CM. You do not need to spend money to pour concrete.Just lay sand and start installing them on it. When it comes to sizes, you pick according to size of your pool,driveway or walkway. Huge areas look bigger with 24. Medium areas are great with french pattern or 16x16x3 cm. If you have a narrow walkway or a driveway go with 6x12x3 cm. Herring bone pattern looks amazing. Travertine pavers are amazing product for outside under rain or shine. They never loose their color or hold mold. They are also non slip under any condition dry or wet. So indulge your backyard and your senses with those natural wonders created specially for outdoor purpose.If you are using them in a pool deck, people prefer tumbled, since it is softer to touch with bear foot. If it is a a walkway or a patio even a driveway.Chiseled has a more bright color since it is honed. Again use this unique natural color product created to make your backyard magnificent. Your visitors would not be able to believe their eyes,next time they visit you. Travertine pavers are tumbled, honed and unfilled. They don't hold warmth and its surface stays cool to the touch. These pavers are durable and crack resident. • Request free Samples to see the color of Noce Travertine Tiles or Pavers for yourself. • Stone Miami deliver Travertine everywhere in USA,Caribbean island and south or central America through freight forwarders.

Description - 6"x12"x1 1/4" TUMBLED

6"x12"x1 1/4" NOCE PAVER TUMBLED.This size is ideal for Driveway or a walkway. This is the only size you can make hearing-bone pattern. It looks like brick but you realize it is a natural stone right away due to variation of color between pieces. We do not recommend anything bigger than 6x12 for driveways. Weight of cars would be a problem for bigger sizes. Since there are so many possible ways to install 6x12 format like subway or hearing bone, It is the most popular travertine paver size we carry. Rectangular sizes are becoming increasingly popular in design lately. We also carry 12x24 and 16x24 in stock on most of our travertine pavers. Fell free to call us, if you have any question. Our phone number is 7869536544

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Weight 16.00 lb
Dimensions 6"x12"x1 1/4" TUMBLED
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