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Bahama Collection - 26

Description - Bahama Collection

Bahama Collection
In mosaics for swimming pools we have a wide range of colors that make it possible to mix tonalities, giving any project a creative and unique aspect. The color of the water will depend on several factors, the color of the material used, the depth of the pool and the amount of light that falls on it. Although as a general rule it will tend to bluish colors, and this is due to a physical phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. This effect increases with the amount of water. In deep pools we see a darker blue color. On the contrary, when the amount of water does not exceed 2 ft we do not perceive this effect and we see the transparent water.
In addition to the depth, the light and the environment directly affect the final tone of the water. If the pool is in a space that receives a lot of sunlight, the color will be lighter and if there is hardly any light, the water will appear darker. We must take into account if the pool is inside or outside to see the amount of light it receives and know the elements that surround it, as they will have a direct relationship with the final tone. For example, in pools surrounded by vegetation we will see the water with a greenish tone.
Therefore, Rayleigh Dispersion, depth, light and environment will be key in the color of the water, but the color chosen in the mosaic will be very important to qualify the different shades of water blue, achieving surprising versions. Remember that the appearance of the water will change depending on the state of the sky, the time of day, the amount of light, the season or the depth of the pool.

Description - 26

The Bahama Exuma collection is a mix of white-beige, is one of the most fashionable coatings, the sand, reproduces an effect similar to the paradisiacal beaches of white and fine sands. Well, this type of coating, which is really precious, will vary the tone according to weather conditions. That's why it's perfect for sunny areas, as it will reflect golden and white tones. The gloss or matte finish will also affect not only the color but also the optical sensations of depth or extension.
The mosaics with white tones, make the water light blue. Reminiscent of the blue color of the sky. The white mosaic in the pool transmits purity, relaxation and harmony. It is perfect for pools that look for a relaxing effect with a blue sky water. It invites to be a long time in the interior and for that reason it is one of the most used colors in hotels for its pools and spas. The main disadvantage is cleaning. Highlights the elements of the interior and around the pool. Helps maintain temperatures and brings luminosity to the area.
According to the design, shape or measurements, we recommend not using those that have rectangular pieces in pools with irregular shapes and that tend to form sharp curves. The rectangular pieces will be difficult at the time of installation.
The Bahama Exuma collection is made of special glass for swimming pools, we recommend consulting the technical sheet of each mosaic before making the purchase and thus, verify that the product meets the requirements and use that you wish to give.

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