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FRENCH PATTERN x1 1/4" 6"x12"x1 1/4" Tumbled


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AUTUMN-BLEND-PAVERS Autumn blend pavers are family of gold travertine pavers with onyx. They are hand picked while on production line. We can not order large quantities of this selection,since production is depended upon the blocks. They are one of the most amazing color blend of all the travertine pavers. They are mostly blend of gold,pink and white. They are recognized from far away as color do not look like anything else. Since colors of travertine are product of metals in the stone, they are more durable then other selections. In warm designs of Miami outdoor living, autumn blend pavers are perfect fit. Mexican or Mediterranean influenced designs use autumn blend pavers to enhance their appearance. We did a lot of Caribbean island homes with this materiel. It adds a new taste to your pool or patio even driveway. Do not hesitate to call us at 7869536544 or write us at contact us page if you need further information about this product or its maintenance.

Description - FRENCH PATTERN x1 1/4"

Currently there are many finishes in travertine, in order to be suitable for any space according to its use. The travertine has been adapted to be used both in a drive way or in a bathroom. .
The Tumbled finish is usually a travertine finish in pavers but you can find tiles with this finish. The tumbled finish produces a smooth, smooth and worn look to the tile / paver, they look very different to the tiles that have been polished. Its surface is often slightly chalky or dusty. The Tumbled travertine is the most natural finish, resulting in a highly textured finish without gloss and rounded edges with a worn look that resembles an old stone. This finish is most often found in outdoor installations..
The texture is the final treatment applied to the travertine face during its manufacture. Depending on the area to be installed, the texture of the travertine is determined..
The texture unfilled, is the travertine in its natural state: porous with holes. It is ideal for outdoor floors, the holes help make this surface slip resistant and serve as a natural drainage..
The French Pattern is one of the best selling travertine patterns for external and internal applications. The French pattern consists of a box containing 4 different sizes: 1 piece of 16x24, 2 pieces of 16x16, 1 piece of 8x18 and 2 pieces of 8x8. No single parts are sold separately. There is a special location for each piece. This is a very popular pattern that is designed to break the monotony and the rigid, geometric look that is seen in traditional installation. It is ideal for pool decks, gardens, walkways, etc, creating a modern and contemporary space. If you need advice on size, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. Our experienced team of experts will guide you to the best decision..
En la actualidad existe muchos acabados en el travertino, con el fin de ser aptos para cualquier espacio segun sea su uso. El travertino lo han adaptado para ser usado tanto en un drive way o en un cuarto de bano. .
El acabado Tumbled, generalmente es un acabado realizado al travertino en pavers pero se puede encontrar unos tiles con este acabado. El acabado tumbled produce un aspecto suave, liso y desgastado al tile/paver, tienen un aspecto muy diferente a las baldosas que se han pulido. Su superficie a menudo es ligeramente calcárea o polvorienta. El travertino Tumbled es el acabado más natural, que da como resultado un acabado altamente texturado sin brillo y bordes redondeados con un aspecto desgastado que se asemeja a una piedra antigua. Este acabado se encuentra con mayor frecuencia en instalaciones al aire libre. .
La textura, es el tratamiento final que le aplican a la cara del travertino durante su fabricacion. Segun el area a instalar, se determina la textura del travertino. .
La textura unfilled, es el travertino en su estado natural: poroso con orificios. Es ideal para pisos de exteriores, los agujeros ayudan a que esta superficie sea anti resbalante y sirven de drenaje natural..
El French Pattern es uno de los patrones en travertinos más vendidos para aplicaciones externas e internas. El patrón francés consiste en una caja que contiene 4 tamaños diferentes: 1 pieza de 16x24, 2 piezas de 16x16, 1 pieza de 8x18 y 2 piezas de 8x8. No se venden piezas sueltas o por separado. Hay una ubicación especial para cada pieza. Este es un patrón muy popular que está diseñado para romper la monotonía y el aspecto rígido y geométrico que se ve en la instalación tradicional. Es ideal para pool decks, jardines, caminerias, etc, creando un espacio moderno y contemporaneo. Si necesita asesoramiento sobre el tamaño, no dude en llamarnos o enviarnos un correo electrónico. Nuestro experimentado equipo de expertos lo guiará a la mejor decisión..

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Dimensions FRENCH PATTERN x1 1/4"
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